Tuesday, June 26, 2012

children's museum & the man at the gas station

The Bayou at the LA Children's Museum

Today I went with Jaime and Keaton to the Louisiana Children's Museum. I didn't take many pictures, but it's a fun place.  (My favorite's the Bayou... in the pictures. The trees that you can't really see are all made of cardboard! Pretty impressive.)

Keaton & the alligator
Jaime and I enjoyed lunch at Raising Cane's, then headed to her apartment, where we probably should've packed (they're moving on Friday), but we just sat on the couch and chatted until Michael texted and asked when I would be home. It was 6:00... woops. And just to record for posterity's sake, we made pizza rolls for dinner. (Thanks, Our Best Bites! You've saved me many a frustrating cooking experience.)

Ah, one quick story. Our car was running on fumes, so I headed to the gas station (where gas is $3.08 a gallon, people. It almost makes up for the milk being so expensive.). I haven't posted yet about all the friendly Southerners we've run into, but I better do that soon. The joy I got from this guy was just too good to not share. Filling up his car behind me was a skinny old man in a wife beater with a cigarette and a crooked smile. He croaked, "Utah, huh?" And we had a conversation in which I understood very little of what he said (I got something about him building something in Salt Lake and there being Mormons.) He pulled away as I was getting in my car. Traffic was getting pretty bad, so I took some back roads (someday I'll do a post about driving here, too) and finally got to where I needed to be. I was sitting at a red light, when all of the sudden a car stopped beside me in the right turn lane. There was the skinny old guy with a couple of people in the car, someone I never expected to see again, grinning at me and waving. I waved and laughed the whole way home.

I could get used to Louisianans.

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