Monday, July 2, 2012

five jobs and last week.

Well, prayers have been answered! I've now got five part-time jobs. Let's just hope the scheduling works out better than I keep imagining it will be.  

{Job #1} Writing for the L'Observateur. I'll be writing about the St. Charles Parish 4th of July celebration next. But the celebration's on the 3rd. Which is nice for people like me (we're headed to a couple of ward barbecues on the 4th. Watch for pictures!)

{Job #2} Calling and giving phone surveys to companies for Unishippers. Training starts tomorrow.

{Job #3} Old Navy sales associate. Orientation's today at 1:00.

{Job #4} His name's Steve and he's living in Qatar managing an oil rig. And he's sending me money to pick things up at Walmart for him. And then I'll send it to Qatar. This also starts tomorrow... hehehe... Still not quite sure what to make of this. Hoping it's not a scam.

{Job #5} eBay and Lingotek. It's a little hard to explain. Pretty much going through spreadsheets and making sure the translation software did grammar and capitalization and such correctly.

And this past week...

I've been helping Jaime move. I'm so excited for her new house! It's really quite lovely... Though of course it's a little hard to know she's no longer just 3 minutes away and in a different ward. But that's probably good for me; I actually went and sat by and introduced myself to someone that I didn't know at church yesterday. But I was over there almost every day last week. When Jaime heard that Michael and I play Hand and Foot too, she just about lost it. So we took them soup and played into the wee hours of the night.

Friday night, Michael was able to talk to an old investigator in Korea over Skype. He loved it. And he's been studying Korean for about an hour a day (using Now it's time for me to get on it if he's going to be a mission president... ;)

I went to a Relief Society activity. Of course there are always fun things planned, but then everyone just wants to sit around and talk. With two seven-week-old babies in the room, and a baby due any day, of course at least half the talk was about breastfeeding and childbirth. It just happens. Also, Emily loves Provo and misses Cafe Rio desperately. Did you know Louisiana does not have any Mexican restaurants? We're missing the pulled pork salads and burritos right now. And the Creamery.

When we pulled up to our house, Joshua (an investigator who has been over to our apartment with the missionaries a couple of times) was out there waiting for us wanting to take us out to lunch. Unfortunately, we don't go out on Sundays, so he decided to make something for us! Apparently he went to culinary school, so he went all out... chicken and onions and carrots and rice. Then he stayed. And ate all of our peanut butter bars. And stayed. And stayed. :)

And we've watched this... four times. Michael thinks it's hilarious. And, admittedly, I laugh, too. (There's a little language.)

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