Wednesday, October 17, 2012

zoo, aquarium, weather, and pumpkin pie shakes

Yikes. I'm nearing one month of no blogging. I'm sorry. The below was written two weeks ago:

The Audubon Experience package allows one entrance into the IMAX theater, the zoo, the aquarium, and the insectarium within a 45-day window. We went to the aquarium with our new-found friends Adam and Jennifer (actually Michael knew Adam from school, he's a chemical engineer doing a co-op with Dow. Jennifer's having a baby, so she's heading back to Utah on Friday). Last Friday we went to the Insectarium and saw The Last Reef 3D in the IMAX. It's interesting having a chemical engineer for a husband who wants to work for the biggest oil companies in the world. Of course it's important for us to conserve energy and figure out ways to save these amazing reefs in our oceans, but nobody will give up driving their car for a day, so it seems the world is at an impasse. [Note to self: write about being on the inside of the Monsanto industry. Lots of people hate it, but it seems to be really important to grow food. But that's for a whole 'nother post.] Anyway. It seems Michael and I like nature! The aquarium and insectarium, while geared towards the younger visitors, have been some of our favorite things we've seen.

Did you know there are more species of beetles than of mammals and birds combined?

For a week or so we had lovely weather. Every time we walked outside I sighed with contentment at the slight breeze and almost-fall temperature. Now it's back to hot and humid.

Michael makes a mean pumpkin pie shake. If we're not going to have fall weather, at least we'll eat a bunch of pumpkin with brown sugar, ice cream, and pumpkin pie spice.