Thursday, July 5, 2012

blue bell ice cream & cold calls & independence day

The past few days...

We've spent a lot of time eating this.

Happy Tracks by Blue Bell Ice Cream.

I've heard rave reviews from the ward ladies during Bachelorette night (go Jef!), so when I saw it at Walmart, and that it was only 2 cents more per ounce than the Great Value brand, I caved. But as we were picking it out, I did say (and Michael can back me up on this) that maybe we shouldn't get this kind until our last week here or something, because apparently we'll never want to go back to any other brand.

It's truth. I'll never go back. I drool over the creamy, chocolate-filled goodness. And sneak little bites throughout the day.

(Also, please notice there are scriptures on the table behind. We actually do scripture study around here too! Not just eating...)

Tuesday, Michael got off early. Just in time to take me over to my first day with Unishippers. I learned all about the company... or at least enough to make me not sound completely inept over the phone.

Anyway, on our way over we saw this.

Yes, a foot. A fake foot, but a foot with blood all over it, nonetheless. 

(License plate blotted out to protect the insane and murderous.)

Before going on, just a quick note about my first day of cold calls. It was rough. Without any training and having never done cold calls in my entire life, I was pretty much left with a short script, a list of businesses, the advice to "don't sound like you're reading a script," and my own devices. Four hours and fifty calls later and I have one person who seems really interested.

Ouch. I cried a little bit. And considered calling up Celeste at Old Navy and begging for my job that I had for a whole 27 hours back. But Michael has convinced me that this is just what I need. Deep breaths.

Aaaaand... I've spent the last two hours googling "how to make cold calls." No but really. Please see the below screen shot:
Anyway, last night was lovely. David & Jasmine Hall had us over again for barbeque (um, ohmygosh we don't know how we got on their list of peeps, but please never take us off!! ;)). Please see the picture for a taste of the extravaganza they created for us. That was Michael's first plate. He went back for fourths. It was amazing. There were all kinds of cuts of pork and chicken and hot dogs and bratwursts and links. "WOWOWOWOW," as Michael has got me into saying. 
Oh, and Tuesday night we went to St. Charles to report on the Independence Day bash there. Michael interviewed people (I know, I know, that's supposed to be my job. But he's just so dern good at getting people to open up) and I snapped some photos. 

Oh, and I miss these guys. Thank heaven for Skype. 

Miss you.


  1. Wow! Sounds like some up and downs this week. Holidays are gonna be a little rough without you and Michael here. I'm glad you have Michael to lean on and that he pushes you just a little bit here and there. I worked at Turf Plus making calls and I all I can say is don't take it personally when people are not too nice.... And I have to ask.... how does Blue Belle Ice Cream compare to homemade raspberry sour cream ice cream? Cuz that is what you missed here:) We love you and miss you.

    1. I didn't know you had a calling job! Blue Bell Ice Cream is good (we just got a new kind that I'll be blogging about soon), but I would rather have your raspberry ice cream any day. Miss you! Hope you're having fun!

  2. I love reading your Louisiana adventures. Interesting use of a fake foot. My family has one of those...

    And it's true! You never will go back! I got addicted to Blue Bell on my mission, and I went through withdrawals when I had to go home. Enjoy it while you can. Think about it while making cold calls.

    1. I hope seeing this will inspire new adventures with your fake foot :) And thanks for your advice. I seriously did think about it while making calls. Hope you're having just the most fantastic time in London!!

  3. Blue. Bell. Ice. Cream. Is. the. BEST. No, really, it must have dropped down from heaven one day and some beautiful and in-tune person remembered to record the recipe and it is still around today. One of the best memories I have from the South. Also, maybe you could start a petition to get it out here - they do have vanilla blue bell at Outback steak house - but you would think with all these ice-cream happy Mormons that this would be a great market for them...
    Glad you are having fun!

    1. Seriously. I'm dying over here. We're downing it like nobody's business. How are you guys and little Rosie doing?

  4. Glad you enjoyed the bbq and yes, welcome to the dark side of bluebell! You should try Cake & IceCream flavor if ever you find it. Its really yummy. :)

    1. I couldn't find it when I went to Walmart yesterday. But I'll keep looking. :)