Friday, June 15, 2012

a house tour

This is a special day for everyone... Two videos! (See the African harp thing here.) Please excuse the blabbering behind the movie. (I know that you can see that we have a chair.) I'm learning slowly; next time I have a movie I'll be better, promise. Also, I can't figure out how to make the movie stay in the spot I want it to. Just imagine it's on the left side, alright?


And as a special treat... here's the house that we see when we go on a walk along the levee. Do you see it? That blue thing? A two-story aquarium. With enormous fish. That swim. This is like a full on manor home with a dining room with huge paintings of unsmiling people and everything--the whole six-thousand yards. It's cool.

I finally found a free editing software called What do you think of the photos in the last two posts? It definitely takes me twice as long to post... but admittedly looks much better. Any other great free editing websites you can point me to?

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