Tuesday, June 12, 2012

seven things.

[one] The past few days have consisted of grocery shopping, things-to-put-in-our-house shopping, and more shopping. We have bought: lots of groceries, 3 makeup items, one bookshelf, and some dishwasher detergent. We sat in the microwave aisle at Walmart for way too long and debated on the pros and cons of having a microwave and having to get rid of it at the end of our adventure. (We didn't buy it.)

[two] Having a dishwasher is a joy. A true joy. However, half of our dishes must be hand washed anyway. But it's still lovely to not have to do the other stuff.

[three] I've made real food: baked ziti, pancakes from scratch, and Italian chicken with rice. To name a few. (...or all.)

[four] We got called to be Primary teachers on Sunday. They haven't assigned us a class yet, but probably the Sunbeams. Hooray for singing songs and coloring pictures and corralling rowdy childrens!

[five] Yesterday I went with Jaime and Virginia and the sister missionaries (all from our ward) to the French Market. It's a magical little place... It's pretty much like Disneyland, but real. And dirty.

[five and a half] I forgot to bring my camera to the library, so the apartment tour and pictures of the French Quarter will have to wait until next time.Which leads me to...

[five and three quarters] It sure would be nice to not have to ride Michael's bike two miles (without a sidewalk) through the scorching heat and 300% humidity to get some internet... Geez Louise, how much is internet worth? Why so expensive?

[six] I'm excited to see my husband today. I saw him for a full 10 minutes yesterday. He got up at 6, stayed at work until 9 to study for his final that happens tomorrow, at which time I left to go watch the next episode of the Bachelorette with the ladies, and then I returned at 11:45, as he was finishing up studying. We got ready for bed together and snuggled for a minute, but he was just so dern tired. Here's to seeing him today!

[seven] I sure do need a job. I'm getting ready to go crazy.

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