Thursday, June 21, 2012

dinner & a cello

Birthday's aren't meant to be spent alone. When I woke up to an empty apartment, I have to admit I was sad. A run helped, and so did a lot of phone calls and cards and texts and Facebook posts from people that I love. While on one of the four phone calls with my mom [hehe...], I decided to finally pick up a lifelong dream. Over at Michon's there was a lovely cello just waiting for me. And I spent the remainder of the afternoon learning how to hold it and the bow on YouTube. I'm hoping there's someone in my ward who plays that will be able to make sure I'm doing it right. The cello man suggested not trying to teach myself. But I sure am excited. I've learned how to play "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star." We're off to a really good start.
Michael got home and pretended that he forgot it was my birthday. Not a good move, my dear. Especially for someone who has spent the day by herself. But before we went out to dinner, he made me go to the bathroom, and when I came out there were sandals and a Cafe du Monde mug. I do love my mugs [and my husband, too ;)]. 

Dinner at Sake Sushi and Hibachi House was awesome. Even here we couldn't get away from the deep fried... We got a huge plate of chicken, shrimp, and vegetable tempura. And also a Volcano Roll. Two thumbs up for presentation, Sake; it was almost too beautiful to eat.

On our way home, we went straight instead of turning onto our street and came upon a treasure! A park! With piers. [The second guy to the right in the photo caught a catfish and a stingray within moments of each other. He was on a roll, and we were totally impressed.] And a floating casino! And a breathtaking sunset.

We finished the night with a chapter or two of The Fellowship of the Rings. Don't worry, we're a little bit obsessed at the moment.

Thanks to all my family for a lovely birthday. I love you!

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