Thursday, June 7, 2012

a quick update

Just chillin' at a Starbucks where I made Michael buy a piece of yummy bread because I felt bad just sitting here and using their internet.

Last night we carried lots of heavy boxes up three flights of stairs, but we're finally into our apartment! Unfortunately, the Space Bags we brought did not keep the air out, and the biggest one split right in half as we walked in the door (at least we made it that far!). That was the one we put all our coats and winter clothes in... And with an average high of 77* and low of 55* in November here in NOLA, we're regretting that decision we made to bring all that stuff.

We met George the Greek, who has a daughter named Aly (he says I'm just as pretty as she is :)) and lives in #26. Guys, he's got the real accent.

What else? Oh, we went grocery shopping, and a gallon of milk was $4.29! My flip; I just about lost it. What am I going to do without my cereal?

Today Michael rocked at work and I tried to put together our little apartment. The fact that there are only two six-inch-wide drawers is not very conducive to any kitchen, even just one for an amateur chef :) But we're working on it. At least there's a pool!

Next goal: A bookshelf and a vacuum and a microwave and a toaster. Any ideas of where to get one of these prizes? Any Louisiana readers out there?


  1. Oh my goodness! I totally know what you mean about expensive milk!!! When David and I lived in Alaska last year for his internship it was $5.98 a gallon. OUTRAGEOUS. We only bought it on special occasions like birthdays and holidays lol. Sounds like you guys are having so much fun. Takes lots and lots of pictures, I love reading your blog!

    1. Ah how did you even survive? :) From your blog, it looks like Alaska was so fun even without milk. And OMYGOSH congratulations on your baby!! So so so exciting. I hope you're starting to feel better!