Monday, June 4, 2012

the weekend

Saturday went like this:
9:00 Awaken
10:00 Swim with Sister Holmes while Michael studies for his surprise test (it wasn't really a surprise, he just kinda forgot about it)
4:00 Take our car in to get two new tires (Our back left tire wouldn't stay pumped up and so we took it in to get patched and they said it was long gone... and then convinced us that the second one was close to dying anyway)
4:20 Snow White and the Huntsman. Our quick review follows:
Kristen Stewart doesn't have a line until 40 minutes into the movie, and that's probably a good thing. She's good at running and crying, so don't worry, there's not a scene without those things in this movie. Interesting story. And we like Chris Hemsworth. The plot is relatively engaging, but the ending leaves much to be desired (there is nothing... I hope they don't plan on making a sequel.)
6:30 Pick up car and get advice from another nice man at Firestone. "I hate Kenner police. They'll pull you over for anything. And just be safe." We've heard that a couple of times now. 
7:00 Steak and potato dinner (Bishop Holmes is a rock star!)
Then just chilling until bed.

8:00 Get up and get ready
10:20 Church starts
10:45 Sister Holmes is ready to leave :)
11:00 Get to church-- Relief Society & Priesthood
12:00 Sacrament Meeting-- being in a family ward is going to take some getting used to. Lots of children + late sacrament meeting = Loud. With a capital "l."
1:30 Choir Practice and meeting the sister missionaries
2:30 Baby blessing party and meeting lots and lots of friendly people from the ward.
I must really quickly say how much I love being a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The ward may be a little bit different, but the truths are the same, and we have built in friends wherever we are. Each person we talked to was open and welcoming, and we felt like we were part of the ward within just a few minutes. 
4:30 Naptime!
6:30 Roast dinner (once again, Bishop Holmes knows his way around a kitchen!)
8:30 Watched the first episode of The Glades as well as the pilot of Teen Wolf (hahahahaha... I die)

My favorite part of the weekend: Very little driving
Michael's: Naptime, I do believe. (I might have to confirm that when he gets back from work.)


  1. So glad you guys made it safe and are getting settled in. What will be funny is how quiet your student ward will seem after being in a family ward for 7 months :)

    1. I bet! We're already loving this ward. It's so fun to have kids (and older people too)!

  2. I was really excited to see that you gave us a review on Snow White! The trailer had really peaked my interest. It sounds like I may be a little disappointed, however. I'm still excited to see it though. Your rundown of events does remind me of some of Bob's and my "first moves" and the good people that opened their homes and welcomed us in. I was then (for us) and am now (for you) I'm so grateful. :) Glad to hear that you got your tires taken care of ...AND... that they actually got you guys all the way there! Hope the test went/goes well. xoxox

    1. I wouldn't recommend seeing it in theaters... it's more of a Redbox-er. But it definitely wasn't unenjoyable, better than I expected, in fact! And thanks for commenting :) It makes me feel like people are actually reading it! Miss you!