Friday, June 15, 2012

the french quarter

Yesterday, something monumental occurred. That's right, we got internet. Now all the job searching can be done in my g's.

And maybe I'll start posting again. (I apologize for the wait. I'm sure you're all just dying ;)

Monday, June 11
French Quarter & Market
At the Cafe du Monde, the windows are painted the perfect turquoise-y blue. I'm considering getting new engagement photos (ok... maybe one-year-anniversary) taken just for that.

Almost every street looks like this. It's like Disneyland. Except more humid.

Gator on a stick. The sister missionaries tried it, but it was a little out of my price range. They say it tastes like chicken. Next time...

St Louis Cathedral was large and lovely. See if you can guess the problem with taking a lot of little kids in there, though. Don't worry, only one of them got up past the blockade and only one candle was blown out. (We lit it again... was that wrong of us?)

Then we had beignets. Like scones covered with mounds and mounds of powdered sugar. Mmmm...

We saw lots of street performers including the following: one guy in a pink feathery body suit, many painters and portrait artists, twelve fortune tellers and tarot card readers, and this guy (forgive my terrible camera skills... oh and there's the Cafe du Monde--always packed).

The French Quarter is exactly what I imagined New Orleans to be. Music, good food, and interesting people to watch.

Oh, and we passed down Bourbon Street while trying to find a parking spot. It isn't that bad in the daytime... just don't look. Anywhere. Ok, so it is that bad.

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  1. Yay internet!
    I haven't tried picmonkey yet, but these pictures look great.