Monday, June 4, 2012

our first swamp tour

After we signed our contract on Friday morning, we met up with Michael's friend from high school, Alexa, and her husband, Kyle, who are living in Baton Rouge for the next two years while Kyle does Teach for America.

Cajun Pride Swamp Tours... this is the real stuff, people. Captain Allan told us all kinds of stories, the majority of which ended with his pride in the fact that he only had a 3rd grade education; obviously you don't learn what you need to know in public schools.

Michael's favorite fact: When alligators go into hibernation, their hearts can slow down to one beat per hour.

Aly's favorite: I can't pick from the stories about the witch who lived on the island that got wiped out when she died. Apparently Discovery Channel came out a couple years ago and confirmed that there was a graveyard with one grave out in the swamp... that one was the witch's.

Only the best swamp tours have the following:
1. Marshmallows (No, really. The gators love 'em. The Captain says he gets a pretty large following of people he doesn't know when he picks up his 3 huge cases of marshmallows at WalMart every week.)
2. A lesson on Cajun culture and alligator habits.(Alligators are not vicious unless you corner them. Captain Allen swims with the alligators all the time. I'd rather not chance it.)
Isn't this bearded man a beaut?
3. The cat on YouTube that swats at the gator. (See the video here)
4. The chance to hold a real live 3-year-old gator.
5. And finally... Queenie. The 13-foot 100-year-old-ish gator with babies down the river. She was monstrous.
As soon as I can upload the video, I'll put it up here... It was pretty awesome!


  1. ... and I was worried about tires ... =/

    Glad to hear that Alexa & Kyle could join you guys in getting acquainted with the "locals".

    ( ... no swimming in the lagoon! )

  2. my husband is doing teach for america down here in mexas. thats mexico/texas - we live 2 miles from the united states-mexico border in mission, texas. its super fun! we moved down here a year ago! you will love living out of state. you will be in your own little world:) plus you live where there are white people - poor mitch.. at least people think i am mexican so i fit in haha plus i speak spanish - but mitch - not so much. so you will love your little adventure. have fun!! its really the best!

    1. Haha I love the word Mexas; that's fantastic. It is very different often being the minority when I go to the mall, but we're learning to love it :) And thanks for the comment... It's always nice to know there's someone else out there doing what we're doing and doing well!