Friday, June 8, 2012

a detour, we'll call it.

Today, I took Michael to work. We left the apartment at 7:30, making our estimated time of arrival at Monsanto 8:00am.

We missed the exit. And the highway we were on happened to be a 10-mile bridge across Lake Pontchartrain (without an exit), making our 25-minute trip into a 40-minute trip, and thus making Michael 15 minutes late for work.

Then I took another wrong exit. And the highway we were on happened to be another 10-mile bridge (without an exit), making our 40-minute trip into a 55-minute trip, and thus making Michael 30 minutes late for work.

Let's just say both of us were frustrated. (See map. Red is our actual route.)

Luckily, it's Friday. And every other Friday, the engineers have a day off (but not the interns). So the people that Michael works with were out of the office.

I hope he doesn't get fired.


  1. Yuck. I hate driving on unfamiliar highways. Better luck next time.

    1. Truly. These roads are worth a post on their own. Hope you're doing well!!