Monday, June 25, 2012

we're fun! [or trying to be :)]

The first sentence I wrote was this: I'd post more often if we did fun stuff.

Then I did a sudden brain-brake. What a horrible thing to say! Just because I've been lazy today, waiting around for job training, doesn't mean we're always boring! (Sometimes we're a little boring, but not all that bad!) We've done a ton of really wonderful things in the past five days, including the following:

One. Another trip to the French Quarter. We took Michael's friend from work named Andy. It's still as magical as the first time I went. And this was Michael's first time, and he couldn't stop raving. I've never thought him one to be all over architecture and design, but he sure was. He suggested all of the following pictures:
From left to right: First, he's in love with the balconies, especially the ones that are just plywood and held up with really sketchy poles. He also loves all the metal work and all the bright colors. We are wondering if there is a city ordinance that you have to paint your house some exciting color, because we rarely passed one that was not yellow or blue or purple or red. Seriously. Secondly, there are so many quaint treasure-finding shops. This one (the photo in the middle) was just in an alleyway. But when you walked to the back, there was a courtyard with more treasures and another pathway to a secret room with art. And thirdly, it's just old. Michael could not get over the flaking paint and the warped wood. Ok, and I was in love with it too.

We walked through the French Market (there's even more stuff on the weekends!) and all the way up to the Aquarium (we didn't go in that day... maybe one day after we get paid :)). Then we walked through the downtown area, the Big City (reminds me of New York, just a little less crowded). And finally started walking back to our car. At which point we were hungry, so we stopped at the Gumbo Shop, a swanky little cafe (I got gumbo, he got a shrimp poboy).

Two. We've had the missionaries over quite a bit with a young man named Joshua. He's learning about the Plan of Salvation, which we think is really special. And he really liked the chocolate chip cookies that I made last night (he ate at least five :)). And we're going out with the sisters tonight. We figure that we're averaging about four hours a week with the missionaries, which is awesome for both of us. Michael's decided he wants to be a mission president in Korea. 

Three. Last night we were invited over to dinner with David & Jasmine Hall as well as Jason & Jaime Rich. I should've taken pictures. David is a barbecue maniac! We had ribs, chicken, brisket, and more. Then Michael gave a little FHE lesson, and we played Bananagrams and Cranium. It was a good time. A real good time.

We're really happy to be here. And so far, I haven't even had a breakdown. Life is good. :)

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  1. Coming from the land of vinyl siding and stucco, it's fun to be somewhere where buildings and materials are unique. I would love to visit the French Quarter someday! Missed you in Bear Lake.