Wednesday, August 1, 2012

since the last time we talked...

See if you can match the photo to the story...

We went to work out in City Park with one of my coworkers and her husband. Then we threw a frisbee around and explored the many antique shops of the French Quarter. Next up, a catfish po-boy while we listened to some smooth jazz. I felt weird wearing a tank top and no g's. But we had a lovely afternoon.

Also, we were sore for the next week. Michael's hamstrings, my shoulders and butt.

We were invited to a special viewing of brand new baby Isabella (the little sister of this little hooligan). She's simply lovely. 

It's rained quite a bit. The drainage people that work for the parish have plenty of work on their hands (yes, there is a drainage division. I drive past it on my way to cello).

Speaking of cello, I've had three lessons so far. I can play the first 34 songs in my book! The fact that they are four measures each is beside the point. Also, my Romanian teacher Simona has made me realize how big of a stress case I am. "Relax your shoulders," she says. It's much harder than it sounds, being a stress case like myself.

We taught two lessons to a bunch of rowdy Sunbeams. I feel like nothing's getting through while little Briton shoots guns at everyone and Peter makes crazy faces. Sitting in a circle may have seemed like a good idea, but as it turns out the Sunbeams just love to watch each other instead of the teacher. I was exhausted.

We celebrated the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics with Jaime, Jason, and Keaton with international cuisine (Korean bulgogi and Mexican burrito-y things and American watermelon and ice cream torches for dessert).

Michael plays basketball on Wednesday with some guys from the ward and a bunch of investigators. It's a hot and sweaty time. We met Kris & Bo (oh, the joys of being in Sunbeams where you don't meet any of the new people) who are newlyweds, too! Hooray for more fun friends!

Michael went to Batman Begins without me. Granted, he would have let me come if the guys in the ward hadn't insisted that it was a viewing only for men. But Michael needed someone to talk with about it...

So, we went again. We chose to go at 1:45 on Saturday afternoon and decided we needed to get there early so that we could get a good seat. I mean, it's only the second weekend and the tickets were only six bucks, which is a steal in a town where the movies are at least $11. So we, along with Andy, got there 30 minutes early. And were the only ones there. Granted, the movie theater was sketchy. And the guy taking our tickets was awkward (he apparently really likes Korean pop bands... Michael was wearing his I[heart]Korea shirt). The movie itself was entertaining, at least enough to sit through all almost-three hours of it and actually enjoy it. Of course, as in most superhero movies, there were things we couldn't quite believe (thanks to Andy for pointing out that taking a section out of a suspension bridge just doesn't work), but we were happy with the result.

We've chatted with family. I love it. And Michael's learning to ;)

We enjoyed more catfish when we went to dinner at Zeke's with Lauren & JJ and Kris & Bo. They kindly let us eat off their appetizers and desserts (fried bell pepper rings and Oreo beignets and pineapple upside-down cake). Pretty much, we owe them big time. Then, we decided it would be fun to go down to the Quarter to listen to some jazz or throw some darts. Darts, it was, except for that you have to be 21 to get into the clubs. . . . . . . awkward. Thus, by default, jazz it was. . . . . . . except you have to pay to get in with cash. And Michael and I both are notorious for never having any cash. So, we went home while the other four went to party. I've never felt like such a baby.

We've eaten at least two pounds of asparagus. Also, we made our first roast. And it's been feeding us since Sunday.

Michael made some killer cookies with my aunt Deena's recipe. Then he put our new favorite flavor of Blue Bell between two of them and made a mean ice cream cookie sandwich. However, our freezer was not cold enough to make the ice cream hard enough to make the ice cream cookie sandwich stay intact when you bit down upon it. So the freezer, and by extension the fridge, were turned down to the lowest. Which led to frozen and cracked eggs this morning when I went to make breakfast.

We threw a frisbee out on the levee with a fantastic sunset in the background. I threw the frisbee over the barbed wire fence that separates us from the water. But luckily, I was small enough to fit through the hole in the fence. Don't worry, I arrived home safely, but it's scary over there, close to the water.

We've played a couple of rounds of one-on-one Clue and UNO.

We've learned a lot about ourselves and each other and us as a couple. More on that to come.

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  1. Oh, those trees are just lovely! Love to hear all the little things you guys do... That is what makes up most of our lives- the little things really are the big things.

    Love ya lots, Mom