Monday, August 6, 2012

how to make this week the best week ever.

First. One hour of computer time per day. That includes all stalking and blogging and email checking.

Second. Thirty minutes of scripture study.  At least fifteen by myself in the morning, and fifteen with Michael at night.

Third. Find one person besides Michael to serve every day.

Four. Make five real meals. PastaRoni doesn't count.

Five. Apartment clean and cello practiced before getting on the computer.

Six. Prepare myself to go to the Baton Rouge temple on Friday or Saturday (we haven't been in so long, and we're excited to see Alexa and Kyle).

Seven. Some kind of physical activity (running or swimming or biking) at least three times.

Last night while we were falling asleep, Michael asked me how I was going to make this next week the best week ever. He quickly amended it to "a really good week" (cause how can you beat getting married and all that good stuff?), but shoot for the stars, right? The above plan may seem a little wimpy, but I know it will push me just enough.

Thing #1 I've learned about myself: If I don't have a plan, I will end up doing nothing.

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