Sunday, August 5, 2012

oh, the joys of technology

Grandma and Grandpa Rutter showed up to my parent's house while we were Skyping this evening. The following photo sequence explains my grandpa's reaction to the fact that he not only can see us, but himself in the little photo in the corner.
Captions go as follows: 
[First.] "Wait! Is that me in the corner?"
[Second.] "How about that."
[Third.] "It looks like I fell in a foxhole! I look terrible."

Hilarious, but false. He is the most spry 80-year-old I've ever seen. 

Also, please giggle along with me regarding my grandma's reaction in the final photo. I sure do love those two.


  1. Grandpappy is the cutest. That was so funny.

  2. Make that 82! They are just delightful! -Mom

  3. LOL! That was very funny! How I wish we had his reaction on video!