Thursday, August 16, 2012

mari and flowers.

It's our anniversary. Michael's sleeping because he didn't feel very good when he got home from work this evening. Hmmm... I have filled my blog- and Facebook-stalking quota for the day, and read a chapter or two from Chaos (you can only take so much in one sitting. Interesting and well-written, but dense), and I can't practice the cello because I can't go to another room. So blogging it is. Funny how the thing I enjoy is put on the very last of my to-do list.

I was driving away from work this afternoon when I got a call from Michael saying I needed to go back to work. A man with a hat in a truck was supposed to arrive at work "no later than 5:00," he said.

It was 2:00.

So I sat there for a half hour and tried to call my mom, my dad, Davis, Addie, Quinci, and finally reached Sierra. However, Michael called again to ensure that the man with a hat in a truck had not arrived yet, and Sierra was on hold for a good ten minutes.

The man with a hat in a truck had left St. Rose at 5:45 this morning, so Michael assumed that he must've been able to reach my work in Metairie by 2:00. He didn't. So I went home after leaving instructions with Mari (pronounced "Mary") at the front desk to call me if a surprise package came with my name on it. Mari guessed that the surprise would be a stripper. Uh... heh heh heh...

Sierra and I chatted for a good while on my way home, and I finished dishes, cleaned up the house, and tried to find a good deal at a fancy restaurant for dinner this evening. At 3:30 I got the call from Mari. A package had arrived. "And you better come get it," she said, "He'll be sad if you don't. These things are not cheap." On the twenty minute drive back to work, my dad called.

I opened the door, and Mari pointed to the big green package with a grin and told me, "I was going to open it, but I didn't want to ruin the surprise for you." Out came twelve lovely roses and a box of chocolates--the good kind. Mari winked at me, and with that smoky voice of hers that makes me smile said, "Have a romantic weekend."

We will, Mari, don't you worry. As soon as Michael wakes up :)

He's up! He's up! Let the romance begin.

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