Friday, August 17, 2012

august 16, 2011

We are the two most indecisive people in the world. It comes from trying to decide between frugality and fun. When Michael woke up we discussed the pros and cons of going out to dinner both Thursday and Friday night, just because we could, and because we were going to save money by not going to a hotel in New Orleans. This lasted until 8:00, when we finally decided we'd stay home and go out Friday night. Our night consisted of flowers, chocolates, an Izze drink from our luncheon (our cake was too good and all got eaten!), homemade chicken artichoke pizza, and reminiscing on the past year. Not a bad way to celebrate, all in all.

Our thoughts on the past year are these:
Has it really been a whole year? It can't have been that long...
We sure do love each other, though.
And if the first year's the hardest, we're going to have it pretty cushy.

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