Friday, August 3, 2012

paradise point.

We went on a walk last night while our laundry was drying. I had wanted to go swimming because it was so roasty outside, but the pool outside of our building is kinda sketchy. Mostly because there are no lights, and who knows what might be swimming around out there in that water (see photo evidence below). Feeling kinda bummed that we haven't used the pool at all, we set off on an adventurous walk. And not 200 steps away, we found another pool. Well lit (or more well lit), clean, and perfect for a night swim. 

It was somewhat of a shock. Just behind the building across the street was exactly what we were looking for. And our pool key works for that pool, too! (We had a little scare when we first got there, but the key just needed a little wiggling.)

In the midst of our astonishment, Michael said, "We pretty much live at Paradise Point!" We spent our lovely honeymoon at Paradise Point in the lovely San Diego, and Michael talks about that place quite often. Michael didn't pack a swimsuit on our honeymoon, however, so we never got to use the pools (the swimsuits in the gift shop were like sixty bucks, and we all know how frugal Michael is... no swimming for us). But here we are. And Michael has a swimsuit. 

And suddenly, we're living at a luxury resort.

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  1. The right perspective can change your reality. :)