Thursday, September 6, 2012

our hurrica-tion

It's been a while. My parents keep saying that I need to update the blog because my grandmas keep calling them to see if we're alive. By now the word's pretty much all the way out... but Grandma Sharon and Grandma Gayle, we're safe! :)

Warnings started rolling in the night of Sunday, August 26th that Tropical Storm Isaac was making it's way toward New Orleans, and the chance of the winds increasing to a hurricane status was high. Michael's boss texted him and told him the plant was shutting down and if we were going to leave, leave early to beat the traffic. I freaked out a little. But it was exciting. So I was running around in a half-panic, half-thrilled mode trying to round up all our hurricane-preparedness items, which consisted of a pack of jerky, three boxes of granola bars, and a 24-pack of water. After a game of Clue with the Hall's, the Rich's, and Andy, it was decided that we would spend the night at the Rich's, and they would generously allow us to accompany them to Hattiesburg, Mississippi, where Jaime's parents live. Our little car would hold the fort down in LaPlace.

To beat traffic, we woke up at 6 and were on our way. At about 7 I realized I hadn't told my boss yet that I wasn't coming in to work for a couple of days. I texted him. Probably not the best idea, but our first crisis was averted.

I wish I had more to tell you about our hurrica-tion. We were at the Hardwick home for six days and we did little more than eat, sleep, watch the news, read books, and play card games. But seriously. I was going to do a day-by-day breakdown, but there wasn't much going on.

Hurricane Isaac finally hit land on Tuesday night. It moved so slowly, and pushed all the water from Lake Pontchartrain to areas that had never been flooded before. The hurrica-tion turned a little panic-y when we heard about people being rescued by boat from Jaime and Jason's subdivision. But there was nothing to do but wait and watch. 

On Friday, Jaime and I finally went stir crazy and went to Walmart, where we bought one gallon of milk and three Sinful Colors nail polishes. When we got back, the boys were finally stir crazy, too, so we went to Raising Cane's for lunch and then headed to Hudson's. Jaime and I tried on bikinis. And with the total cost for a way cute Roxy one being only $1.29... don't be ashamed, Mom, but I bought it. You were right, I feel too guilty to even wear it. But we both got cute dresses for under ten bucks! I just kept thinking that Heather G would love this place.
Saturday dawned, and the water had gone down enough in Jaime and Jason's subdivision that we could get to it by truck. We arrived in LaPlace around 2PM, I think, and the water had gone down significantly. The damage deserves a whole post of it's own. It'll come next. The rest of the day was spent taking lots of pictures, moving everything out the rooms, and ripping up carpet.

By the end of it all, we had been with Jaime and Jason and Keaton for at least three hours every day for the past eleven days. And we weren't even sick of them :) This means we're real life friends, and officially Aunt Aly and Uncle Michael.

Michael's self-imposed uncle-ness has finally rubbed off on someone for good! 

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