Saturday, September 8, 2012

new orleans museum of art

On Friday nights the NOMA is open late, and you can be entertained by a classical guitarist, some pretty fantastic art, and Chef Leah Chase (she's a 90-year-old NOLA cooking star).

For some reason we were under the impression that we would be receiving a full on dinner for freeeee! But, as you see in Michael's hand, our meal ended up being more of a taste testing of courtbouillon. Good, but not filling.

All of us agree that the NOMA is worth visiting, and you need a good long while (at least four hours, but we could've spent a lot more) if you want to see everything. One of the twenty original casts of The Age of Bronze by Rodin greets you at the top of the staircase (I was pretty excited--I definitely didn't know enough about art when I visited the Met in NY--art is much cooler when you know the history behind it). The top two floors have African, Asian, and Early American art. We almost missed them because we started on the bottom floor and worked up, but I would highly suggest starting up at the top and working down.

Once more I was confused by the modern art. Take a look at the bottom-left piece. The caption reads as follows:
Serenaded seashells, hm?

On a side note, I don't know how we still don't have any pictures of us with the Rich's. Also, the two pictures we took of Michael and I together have apparently been corrupted. I don't know what the deal is.

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