Monday, November 12, 2012

friends from home & chargrilled oysters. october 12.

In the middle of September I received a random phone call from a random phone number. Lo and behold it was Taylor Moss, the husband of the Heather, one of the girls I visit taught in our BYU ward. Heather and Taylor have an adorable little boy named Will that Michael and I babysat a couple of times, but they graduated and moved to California to start a business around the same time we came to Louisiana. (You can see their cute blog and Will's hilarious faces here.) Taylor and his coworker Jordan (also someone that Michael knew from Idaho Falls) came to New Orleans for a trade show, and we got to save some packages for them and welcome to New Orleans! I was just pleased as punch that we had someone from home coming to visit.

Well, we hadn't been to A.C.M.E. for char-grilled oysters yet, so we thought we might as well introduce these Californians to some real Southern food: seafood po-boys and catfish. I've never had oysters, and I'm not much of a slimy food fan, but smother it with garlic and cheese and butter, and I'm all over it. Taylor and Jordan were too kind and bought us dinner-- thank you!!

We told them they had to try beignets too, but going into the French Quarter was out of the question because of traffic, so we opted for the Cafe du Monde experience in the mall.

We had a great time telling them about all the things they needed to do during their time off and seeing some friendly faces!

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